Justin Vickers

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Welcome to the official website for the tenor, pedagogue, and musicologist: Justin Vickers!

There has never been a time that music has not been a part of my life. From impromptu childhood performances of the opera and classical music excerpts I had just heard on Bugs Bunny cartoons to my first voice lessons as a young male alto in the Lutheran church. I am especially grateful that my maternal grandmother, my "Non," Velma Schuman Oglesby and her sister, my great aunt Dorothy Sager, conspired to make those voice lessons a reality!

This website is primarily intended to relay my professional work as a performer, teacher, and writer. But it is also a way for you, dear reader, to reach out to me and engage in conversation about art, music, and singing. I love learning about new and obscure song and operatic literature, as well as hearing about the most recent news in scholarship, so please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail!

Warm regards,

Justin Vickers